Keio Center for Strategy

KCS × Kreab webinar
"Is democracy in decline? Implications for the Indo-Pacific Regional Order"

25 Nov. 2023

Keio Center for Strategy (KCS) and Kreab Tokyo co-hosted a webinar titled “Is Democracy in Decline? Implications for the Indo-Pacific Regional Order,” and we are pleased to announce that the recorded session is now available on the official YouTube channel of KCS.

In our first online dialogue, KCS and KREAB discussed the status and future of global democracy and the implications for the Indo-Pacific region. 

Guest: Maiko Ichihara (Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University) 

Moderator: Jonathan Soble  (Partner, Kreab Tokyo)

Commentator: Yuichi Hosoya  (Director, Keio Center for Strategy/ Professor, Keio University)

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